This practice book is intended for the Bachelors’ course of English syntax in the English Philology speciality at the University of Plovdiv Paissiy Hilendarsky. It is designed as a supplement to the seminars on theoretical English syntax and deals with major issues of traditional syntax laying emphasis on the practical skills of the students in identifying and analysing particular syntactic structures. Included in the practice book are topics concerning English phrases and types of sentences, the constituent parts of sentences, word order and functional sentence perspective, and others. The exercises focus on the ability of the students to recognize and specify the syntactic phenomena under discussion. The approach is that of traditional grammar. The structuralists have been represented merely by their treatment of the phrase and a cursory glance at immediate constituents analysis was taken, too. No more than an occasional mention has been made of generative syntax (chiefly in relation to the generation of phrases and sentences), an approach the discussion of which is reserved for the Masters’ course of English syntax. 

The Appendix presents a brief outline of syntactic theory touching upon some of the corner stones and hallmarks in the development of English syntax. Naturally, in view of the practical aims of the manual, it has no pretence to any degree of exhaustiveness but, hopefully, it might give the student of syntax a certain idea as to where traditional (or classical scientific syntax) stands in the general current of linguistic thought ever since the beginnings of a grammatical theory striving after an adequate description and explanation of the English language.

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Автор Michael Grancharov
Година на издаване 2009
Страници 108
Формат 150/210 мм
Подвързия мека
ISBN 978-954-423-530-7

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English syntax (Practice book)

  • Автор Michael Grancharov
  • Наличност В наличност
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