It may come as a surprise for some to learn that translation is not a simple job. Saying this is actually a gross understatement – translation is perhaps the most difficult job of all, not even within the power of mighty computers to master. It seems at first glance that there is nothing to it but once you delve into it, you are faced with a Herculean task. Indeed, only a Hercules of a translator, metaphorically, can be a match to this most complex activity. Yet, lose no faith in yourself; it is still possible to achieve some mastery in translation – with the assistance of this book. The aim of the present Translation Practicum is to provide students with a number of selected texts to work on and learn the skills of translating. It is designed to be used by First and Second year students of English Philology in their seminars in translation. The texts are structured in sections and units of both fiction and non-fiction to enable students to gain a closer insight into the intricate mechanisms of translation. 

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Автор Сашко Павлов, Милена Кацарска, Веселина Койнакова, Златка Червенкова, Огнян Обретенов
Година на издаване 2019, второ издание
Страници 256
Формат 160/230 мм
Подвързия мека
ISBN 978-619-202-519-9

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Translation practicum (English and Bulgarian)

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